6 Easy Steps to Find Your New Job

Follow these “Six Easy Steps” and your first job offer will soon be coming your way.

Take a short break. After a while of being unemployed, it can be depressing. Relax a bit, recharge, and change your mindset. Rethink your criteria, expand your horizons, and plan your search. Work your search like it’s a 40-hour-a-week job. Start associating with the class of people you want to become – the successful and employed! Then, be open and readily available

Go where the jobs are. You can’t expect to find a job where there aren’t any that fit your skillset. Many times, this means either relocating or perhaps just changing fields. Whatever the case, try something different.

Spruce up your online presence. Potential employers are exploring an applicant’s online presence prior to hiring, so what does your Facebook presence say about you? Clean it up if it needs it and start projecting a persona of professionalism.

Try Employment Agencies. Many companies do all their hiring through employment agencies. Find an agency that specializes in full-time positions. Jobs aren’t falling off trees, so be patient. They work hard to get good candidates in front of companies. That’s how they make their living, so you can believe they are trying. Understand it’s their clients that make the hiring decision. Lastly, one application at an agency results in your application getting in front of 30-50 hiring managers at different companies. Can’t get that anywhere else, so give them a try.

 Network. Network. Network.  That means with friends and acquaintances that are employed, a recruiter at your favorite employment agency, and employed neighbors. Stay in touch and socialize! Working friends recommend their friends for jobs.

Practice your interviewing skills. “Tell me about yourself!” Practice with friends. Get used to your own voice in this situation. Practice gives you a sense of confidence and confidence sells.

Happy Hunting!