Your Success is Our Success!

Love My JobCongratulations and welcome aboard! On this quick reference page you will find answers to the most common questions encountered when someone starts a new job on our payroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's responsible for turning in my time?

You are. While some companies use their own time system, most do not. If you or our Customer Service Rep forgot to discuss this, call your Rep back ASAP!

When do I get paid?

Every Friday following the week you worked. Your time for the previous week should be turned in no later than Monday morning. All employee time is entered on that day

How do I get paid?

You get paid through Direct Deposit or Visa Debit Cards. The advantage to this method is no check cashing fees, not worrying about how to pick-up your check, and your check stubs and history are stored online! Deposits are distributed to your account every Friday at 9:30AM.

If you choose a debit card over direct deposit, a temporary card will be issued by Total Placement. Your permanent card arrives by mail from Visa in approximately 10 days. Do not discard the temporary card. You can use the temporary card in the event the permanent card is lost.

How do I get paystub and payroll history?

Pay stubs are emailed to you weekly. All your deposits, pay stubs, and W-2 history are available to you 24/7 from your personal web portal on our website. To gain access, call for login instructions. You have full access to all your financial history from the comfort of your home.

What about Medical Insurance? Is it available?

Absolutely! Upon starting work, full-time employees are eligible for a super Group Medical plan. Application is made upon time of employment with insurance becoming effective within approximately 30-45 days. This health plan is second-to-none in coverages at low prices. Enjoy plans that include low co-pays and great drug coverage at low weekly rates.

What if I want to change jobs?

We can help you do that!  However, please do not leave a job without giving notice.  Leaving gracefully with adequate notice makes you look good and allows you to use that employer as a reference.

Not everyone likes the same jobs.  So, if you are looking for a change just give us a call, explain the situation, and we will guide you through a graceful move that makes everyone look good!