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Love My JobLooking for a job or a career change? You’ve come to the right place.  Get access to more job opportunities, guidance, and convenience by working with Total Placement.  Benefit from our inside scoop and company contacts that get you in front of real employers with real jobs. Browse a list of Waco Jobs - Free Service to Job Applicants!

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Through your Job Seeker's Resource Library, you will discover a resource library rich with helpful job seeker articles, free weekly online training webinars, and much more.

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In recent surveys, when asked about rating our service, people replied:

  • Easy, quick, and efficient online applicant process.
  • They arranged an interview within 24 hrs of completing my online app!
  • Courteous, respectful staff genuinely interested in you.
  • Made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Treated me like a real person.
  • Great staff, hardworking, and found me a job in 1 day. Thanks!

When asked to compare Total Placement to other agencies, they replied:

  • One of the best in the business.
  • Offered better job opportunities than other agencies.
  • I have been to the others, Total Placement rules!
  • They empower hard-working people to work harder and succeed.

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You will also enjoy features such as health insurance, direct deposit, debit cards, email pay stub notifications, and personal web portals for all your payroll records!

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