Manufacturing Jobs in Waco
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Jobs typically open: Welders, Machine Operators, Assembly, Painters, Quality Control, or Make-Ready.

Depending on the job, the environment in each location may vary from super clean to not so much. Some jobs may require experience with special tools or machinery while other jobs look more at job stability and less at hard skills.

Manufacturing & Production Talent Needed

  • Welders, Fabricators, Cutters, Braziers
  • Machine operators
  • Industrial Maintenance, Repair
  • Painters, spray, coating
  • Machine operators
  • Quality Control
  • Factory workers
  • Assembly

Whatever the case, when completing any application be thorough. List the different positions you held at each job along with the skills you utilized to accomplished different tasks. This offers recruiters a clear picture of what can do and where you acquired your skills. This will pay off big for you when recruiters are comparing resumes or applications.

Better Jobs, Great Careers

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Skills Required and Training Vary

Education: High school diploma or equivalency are usually not required although some more technical positions may require it.  Some areas prefer specialized training or certifications instead.

Experience:  Most companies will hire applicants with little to no experience allowing them to gain on-the-job-experience. Other manufacturing firms want experience in their related fields.  However, all prefer a stable work history and will hire a "good work history" over skill any day. 

Ingredients for Success

Companies value people who exhibit good work ethics and communication skills. Your ability to work as part of a team is as important to your success as it is to the company's.  Nearly all production workers need a high level of manual dexterity, basic literacy and math skills. The speed and accuracy of your work affect product cost and profitability, so competency is an important consideration.

Duties: Working as part of a team, employees complete one or more tasks as another step towards creation, finishing, inspecting or shipping. Quotas must be met on time, discrepancies identified, quality issues rectified, safety issues fixed along the way, and get the product to the warehouse in perfect condition for shipping.  The ability of production to meet deadlines keeps orders moving out to customers keeps them happy and coming back for more.  That's job security.

Future possibilities: In today's environment, production workers proving their competency will likely rise quickly to lead or supervisory positions, or some other specialty position within their department. Employers are always watching for their best personnel to fill future supervisory and management jobs that come open from time to time.