Applying for a Job: Where to Send your Resume

When answering large job board postings, you are competing against thousands of resumes. Your resume is easily lost unless an automated system searches for specific keywords which hopefully appear in your resume. These bulk resume houses represent the highest level of competition with the lowest level of return on your efforts in the industry. Make life easier by concentrating on placing your resume directly in the hands of the hiring authority experiencing the pain of a poor performer or vacancy. Be the only resume on their desk! That person’s desk is usually not in HR. Why do I say that?

• Department heads know of job openings before HR.
• Department heads are always looking to replace poor job performers.
• Managers need people who perform, but are slow to post it with HR .
• Someone just quit or was fired and job opening not yet listed with HR.
• You get more attention if you are not just another resume in the stack.
• HR is the last to know of upcoming projects not currently active.
• Lastly, you want a department head, manager, or other influential person the company
trusts to refer you to HR. You will receive much more attention that way.

Make it your mission to discover as much as you can about the companies where you would like to work. Know the names of the leaders within the company, know their roles, and learn about their industry before interviewing. When possible, for best results send your resume directly to the head of the department you want to be working within. Better yet, walk in with confidence and ask to speak with them, but do not tell the receptionist it is about a position. You will be sacrificed to HR. Make your case in person, but only after you have thoroughly researched the company, what they do, their competitors, and have developed intelligent questions. If he will not see you, leave your “package” addressed to him or her – not HR.
Good luck on your job search

Bottom line; “Wow” them with intelligence so they will see you as someone who is seriously interested in their company.


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