Guide to Completing Job Applications

Job applications, for many openings, are the primary instrument utilized for screening job applicants. For job openings requiring resumes, the application collects information not normally included within a resume.

 Your application tells the employer more about you than you think and in ways you probably do not realize.

  • Follow instructions. If you can’t follow instructions on something as simple and as important as an application, how will you perform on the job?
  • Be thorough. You are being asked for information in order to compare your skills, background, and history against other applicants – your competitors for the same job. Avoid writing “ See Resume” as it can be interpreted as laziness or disinterest.
  • Usage of upper/lower letters with best grammar. Interviewers will judge you by your application and the thought you put into completing it.  A well thought-out application reflects intelligence and a driver to succeed. 
  • Include Detailed Job History.  Your job history should include your duties and the skills you used on a daily basis to accomplish your tasks. Applications are stored in application databases. Hiring authorities will search for applicants by keyword that interest them. This is why including job duties and skills you used on the job are so important to you. Do not skimp or rush through these descriptions. 
  • Tailor Your Answers to the Job Opening. As much as possible, your answers and information should address the skills, talents and experience that complement the types of positions you want.
  • Avoid listing too high of a starting salary. Enter a range instead, but do not price yourself out of consideration. Listing Open or Negotiable after the range is not a bad idea.

Every step in the hiring process helps create the hiring manager’s impression of you. A neatly written, well thought-out application will win consideration over a poorly written, hap-hazard resume every time.  Job applications provide additional information which will either help or hurt your chances for consideration. Follow this guide for best results.


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