Deadly Resume Mistakes That Job Seekers Commit

One of the most common mistakes is underestimating the importance of the resume.Let it be known it is by far the most important piece of the puzzle to landing interviews.That said, here are a few of the deadly mistakes you should not make: 

Deadly Sin # 1- Not Understanding its TRUE Purpose

The majority of job seekers write their resume with the intent of landing the job. Wrong. Instead, you should write your resume for the sole purpose of getting the interview. Period. You’ll never get the job without first getting the interview. Don’t fill your resume with boring facts about your previous work experience. Instead, create curiosity; focus on how you’ll specifically benefit the company.

Deadly Sin # 2- Not Writing With Important Proper Keywords In Mind

In today’s digital age, employers are searching through resumes via keywords. So, if you’re a sales manager for an IT firm and have specific experience in working Cisco systems products, for example, be certain to list all keywords you think an IT recruiter may be searching with are entered somewhere in your resume. If keywords the employer is using in a search are not in your resume, your resume will never be found.

Deadly Sin # 3- NOT Using Bullet Points

Nothing annoys a hiring manager more than seeing a resume that is a bunch of text. Experience has shown that hiring managers will not take the time to read lengthy resumes. Instead, structure your resume with small easy to read blocks of text a few sentences, long laced in with powerful, benefit oriented statements that not only pass the “so what” test but also create enough curiosity from the hiring manager that they want to know more!

Deadly Sin # 4- Not Getting Help!

That’s right! Most job seekers today are taking shortcuts and not seeking out professional advice nearly as much as they should be, especially when talking about how their resume is written and structured. When you see thousands of resumes a day like we do, it quickly becomes obvious that most job seekers are considerably missing the mark. We estimate that 90%+ of resumes cannot only be improved, but significantly improved, simply by following the advice we gave throughout this article coupled with a little creative writing.

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 We hope you enjoyed this article and take action today, as we know your enthusiasm and attitude about the job market will increase significantly when you start getting your resume read and get more interviews and job offers!

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