How Not To Be Taken Advantage Of

Does this sound like you?

“Why do employers lie to get you to take a job? The last companies I’ve worked for have done it. They promise me things, but once I’m in the job, they don’t deliver. I’m tired of getting taken advantage of…”

Unfortunately, this is not new. Companies that pull this bait-and- switch play do so because they are desperate for employees and think “fresh blood” is the answer to their problem. It rarely helps.

Any time the following claims are made, you should get more information. While some firms deliver, many will not. Statements begging for clarification are:

  1. There’s a lot of opportunity for advancement.
  2. Your commissions will double your income.
  3. You’ll get extensive training.
  4. You will have an above-average starting salary.

For Your Protection, Develop Your Own Questions

Allow yourself more insight and uncover the reality in each statement by asking a few questions of your own.

  1. Can you give me an example of several people hired in the recent past in a similar position that earned advancement and what the company saw in them that earned their promotions?  
  2. Ask to talk with two people who doubled their income with the same commission structure to get their view on what it took to achieve that level of success.
  3. Can they detail the formal training you will be given? Of the knowledge base they feel necessary to achieve success, how much of it is covered in their formal training verses informal training.  Ask to talk with a few people to uncover which avenue the employees felt was most valuable to their success.
  4. Ask for introduction to several people doing this same position. Discuss what they feel it takes to be successful in management’s eyes. Look for the necessity to extend your work week well beyond 40 hours which effectively brings your wages per hour down to unacceptable levels – generally the reason for mid-level salaried positions.  Moving for money rarely lives up to the promises.

For Best Results, Seek out Companies with the Best Reputations

Whether you are job hunting on your own or using a staffing agency, seek out firms with the best reputations for the best results. Protect yourselves upfront and you will not be regretting your next move, but don’t be surprised if after a little hunting, you find yourself reconsidering your present job.