Improve Your Job Search – 6 Simple Changes

Not happy with your job search results?  A few simple changes in your process will significantly improve your callback ratio.   

  1. Examine your resume and text you use to complete online applications. Do they contain keywords contained within the job ad?  These are the very words the recruiter uses to search through their computer database. You don’t include them, you will be lost in the infamous black hole.
  2. Do not spend more the 10% of your time browsing the big job boards.  Surveys show this practice produces the lowest percentage of success. 
  3. Every day, MAIL  at least 3 resumes to companies you would like to work for. Address them to the boss of the person you would be working for and never to HR.  They are a black hole.  Write “personal/confidential” in the lower left-hand corner of the envelope. The idea here is for the big boss to give your information to the person you would be working under.  In this way, it looks like his boss is recommending you.  This “direct marketing” gets your information two steps past the resume boards and directly in front of the decision maker.
  4. Improve on your Personal Network of people employed at different companies.  Make at least three contacts toward this goal – daily.  The more working people that are made aware of your job search, the better chances you have of getting that “inside” job referral.  60-80% of jobs are filled through referrals for jobs that are never posted anywhere. Be one of the lucky ones.
  5. Keep online profiles and status updated on all social media. LinkedIn, Facebook, where ever.  
  6. Even if it is not your area of interest, consider working contract or temp jobs.  The object is to get people to notice you. People appreciate talent when they see it in action. 

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