Is Hiring More Remote Workers a Good Thing?

Companies are three times more willing to hire remote workers. It is a good thing?

With the trend of more companies hiring remote workers, many employees are thrilled. However, it is not all good. While 36% percent say they are willing to hire 100% remote workers, they don’t care from where around the globe.  That’s up from 12%. These numbers reflect a recent survey of more than 330 million resource executives. If you don’t have to be in the office, you don’t have to be in the area.

Before COVID craziness, 52% of companies were willing to hire at least some remote workers. Now those companies are willing to transition up to 88% of their workforce to remote workers. Of those, only half said they would prefer remote workers from their community. The other half said they would hire from anywhere around the world. Remote does not place a premium on a worker’s origin. The issue then becomes where is the cheapest area in the US or the world to find competent people. Bottom line, companies are discovering remote employees demand less wages for the luxury of working from home.

The result of the government mandated restrictions on commerce and selective business shutdowns has forced companies to restructure their processes and workforce to just stay afloat.  While the effectiveness of these mandates is questionable, the one certainty is the government has been extremely successful in forcing businesses to revamp the way they do business. One such change includes the adoption of hiring remote workers in place of onsite employees.