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Why Should Someone Hire You Over Your Competition?

Almost daily, applicants question why they were not chosen over someone else for a particular job opening. Rarely do they grasp the reality the job search is a competition against other applicants and the one appearing to have the most marbles wins. If you know why you should be chosen over all other applicants, that should be your introduction in the form of a cover-sheet to your resume or application. In some instances, this can be the summary at the top of your resume. Don’t have a resume? Then, at least create a cover sheet to accompany your application. Selling yourself to the prospective employer is important to a successful job search.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see hastily assembled resumes and poorly written applications. People consider these two instruments to represent an applicant’s very best qualities. Would you hire someone who spent little effort on these two very important items? From a prospective employer’s point of view, what do you think an incomplete application says about someone?

Want the stability, respect, and recognition a great job can afford you? Well, you must first put the effort in the process. Toot your own horn to receive the attention and recognition you deserve. Ask yourself what values you bring to the table and address those in a brief summary. Take whatever time is necessary to create an attractive paragraph of your best marketable attributes and skills. You may even want to create different summaries to directly address different types of jobs. Remember, if you cannot get your foot in the door, the opportunity to prove yourself will be slim at best.

Companies look for good work ethics and practiced skills that are important to the success of their business. Do you possess those qualities? If so, demonstrate quickly that you possess those traits in a brief statement. This will be the introduction to your resume, or cover-sheet for your application. Create a summary enticing enough to stop the employer from flipping applications and focus on you.  Doing this one simple task will place ahead of 60% of your competition.