Who Has The Most Difficult Time Finding a Job?

Who actually has the most difficult job search?

The over 50 crowd thinks it’s harder to find a job, recent grads think it’s harder to find a job, people returning to the workforce think it’s hardest for them to find a job and individuals changing careers often feel it’s impossible to make the change.

The truth of the matter is there are jobs for all four groups. However, employers prefer different skill sets.  Some want to mold and train while others value maturity and expertise. If you believe it is harder for you to find a job over some other group, you are your own worst enemy.  If you think you CAN or CAN’T find a job-YOU’RE RIGHT! Your expectations impact your success.

To gain momentum in your search, you need to not only CHANGE what you think you know but also the way you conduct your search. Sixty percent of job seekers find their job through networking with the next best way to find a job being to market yourself directly to hiring decision maker – not resume or application repositories. Spend the majority of your time doing these two things and you will begin to enjoy results.

If you are not sure how, complete the PREPARE, SEARCH & CONNECT and INTERVIEW steps under the tab labeled Personal Career Portal. Follow the advice and you will be enjoying your new job sooner rather than later!