It’s Not What You Know, but Who You Know

 “He only landed the job because he knew someone who knew the owner.”  While “who you know” gave him the upper-hand in getting an interview, he would not have been hired if he did not have the skills. While it is likely others had similar or even better skills, he got the job because he was referred by a trusted source.  Connections through networking are no accident.

Networking takes thought, planning, and diligence. For people to stick to a networking plan, it requires discipline. It is a long-term daily project.  However, you too can be awarded that lucrative position if you do your networking homework.

 While professional expertise matters, employed people you know matter as much because friends can fast-track you into interviewing for unadvertised opportunities. No competition!  Employers love hiring through trusted sources. These could be from their own employees, other business acquaintances, or personal friends.

From professionals to the construction workers, opportunities are available for networking.  You only have to find them, plan the work, and work the plan.  Your rewards can easily be doubled through networking. And if you look, you can find them.  Good Luck!