What does Social Media say About You?

Social media, forums, and other social sites are public domain. Everyone has the right and privilege to visit them to search and research people. After all, it is public information.

The “tracks” you leave on the internet can cost you a job just as easily as help you land that new “perfect” career. So, what impression are you leaving behind on the internet and social media?

It is not unusual for employers to do research to learn more about you and who you hand with. You may not like it, but employers know your private life, attitudes, and values will carry over into their business.

Do you come across as a professional, analytical, level-headed, and responsible individual? Or, is the impression you left that of an ill-tempered, combative, disrespectful, or vulgar person with little respect for others?

Are the pictures you post on social media in good taste? What about the events you attend, the venues you patronize, or people you hang with?  Hang with vulgar and belligerent people, and you are guilty by association.

Employers invest big dollars to recruit, process, hire and train a new employee. You cannot blame them for attempting to reduce their risks as much as possible. Using the internet social media to research new recruits is becoming the norm.

So what do you need to do? Manage your online presence. It is easy, takes very little time, and can even make you a better person. Look for maturity and professionalism in your posts. Above all, think before you click that “post” button.  Certain things are best left unsaid and “respectfulness” is the rule of day.