What You Don’t Know About Interviews

With technology today, you may have been “interviewed” without even knowing it. There are several types of interviews with each method serving a different purpose.

Online Detective Work

Human resource receives an interesting resume.  One of the first “checks” or unofficial job interviews will likely be conducted over the internet.  Your name is Googled for news or social media persona to see what you say, do, think, and post.  Does it match their company philosophy and the resume in hand? You will likely never know they have done this online detective work.

Why Phone Interviews?

Phone interviews allow management to evaluate your phone manners, communication skills, and professionalism as they might relate to their job opening with no physical distractions like “body language.”  Body language and personal appearance are graded later during personal meetings.

Second or Third Interviews

Never assume the previous interviewer has shared any of your info with these new interviewers. They rarely do. Therefore, treat each interviewer as your first contact with that company.  Assume nothing of value has been shared.

Start Now to Enhance Your Image

Most job seekers only place importance on the in-person interview. Huge mistake. If necessary, get your online persona cleaned-up before starting your job hunt.  Additionally, even if using an employment agency, dress appropriately for the job. If you do not take this seriously, no one else will.

Bottom line, be prepared for every type of contact with little or no advance notice and never assume your information has been shared. Do this, and you will be way ahead of your job seeking competition.