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What You Don’t Know About Interviews

With technology what it is today, you may have been interviewed for a job without even knowing it. On top of that, there are several types of interviews.  Each interviewing method is used for a different purpose.

Online Detective Work

Human resource receives an interesting resume.  One of the first “checks” or unofficial job interviews will likely be conducted over the internet.  They Google your name for any news, look for you on FaceBook to see what you say/do/think/post, and use other sites like LinkedIn in order to confirm your persona and information matches the resume in hand. It’s a social media background check. You will likely never know they have done this online detective work.  If your online presence looks and acts professional, you would progress to job interview number two, a telephone interview.

Why Phone Interviews? 

Phone interviews allow management to evaluate your phone manners, level of communication skills, maturity and professionalism as they might relate to their job opening.  What it does not afford the interviewer is feedback through “body language.” Assuming you make it past the phone interview, body language and personal appearance are graded later during personal meetings. 

Second or Third Interviews

Never assume the previous interviewer has shared any of your info with these new interviewers. They rarely do. Whatever information they shared, at best it will only be a quick summary of what their interest level is in you. Treat each contact as your first contact with that company.  Assume nothing of value was shared with this new person.

To Enhance Your Image, Start Now

Most job seekers only place importance on the in-person interview. That’s a huge mistake. Be aware that is not likely the first research the company has done on you. If necessary, get your online persona cleaned-up before starting your job hunt.  Additionally, even if using an employment agency, dress appropriately for the job because if that recruiter does not feel you are serious, you will be looked over.  Bottom line, you must be prepared for every type of contact whether are you notified in advance or not.  It is a new world out there!