Why Did Someone Else Get YOUR Promotion?

What an injustice! It was my turn for that promotion!  What’s the deal?  Most people can’t fathom their own lack of quality contributions may be contributing to their lack of success. However, successful people realize this fact and learn how to effectively position themselves for promotion.

As a business owner, there are many factors that set you apart from others. You may not agree with my advice, but it works:

1. Look outside for value, not in
It is important to spend time observing external factors that can or will affect your company. Look at trends, news articles, and any other information that is relevant to your industry based on your research.  Begin to work this into your conversations with management. Become known as a knowledgeable person who has a genuine interest in the business and industry.

2. Be the connector
Work on building relationships by involving yourself with groups relevant to your business. Keeping an eye out for market intelligence is an excellent habit to build your career. This will enhance your relevance, relationships and networking opportunities. Your personal business network can never be too big. Business views this non-public information as an asset.

3. Work for respect, not popularity
Respect translates into promotions – period, but you must earn it. Be the person with viable solutions and new ideas.  Stay positive and maintain a level head during adverse conditions. You will start finding management coming to you for ideas.

4. Always be gracious
No matter how important your role is, it is not who you are. It is just a temporary position on your life. The world of business is not always fair and your reaction to defeat is often the best test of your character and people are watching. Be the first to congratulate your friends and adversaries on their good fortunes. It is almost guaranteed to help you in the furture. Your reputation is forever – so have a good one!

Apply these principles, and sooner or later your opportunity will come – maybe inside or maybe outside your present company. Business, like life, is all about learning.  Learning is knowledge, but wisdom is how we use it.


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