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Important Note from Career Advisor

 Sitting at home in front of your computer day in and day out answering job board ads for jobs in Waco and elsewhere, is not the most effective way to conduct your job search. In fact, job boards are where you have the highest level of competition and lowest rate of success.

Instead, invest your time where people enjoy the highest rates of success – networking and connecting with people in all areas of their lives. When you are not working it is tempting to do things during the day instead of networking and making contacts. Don’t. During your “days” you should be “employed” networking, making contacts and meeting people. Statistics show you next job is more likely to be the result of a referral, than answering some random web posting.

Any working person could open a door through a referral or provide a lead that could result in your next job – much more than an unemployed contact. That is why it’s important for you to be out and about when you have the best chance of running into people who are employed.

  • Job Fairs – Even if you think the job fair is beneath your level of experience; it’s the company reps in attendance that can make referrals to the decision makers.
  • Networking Events like Waco Chamber of Commerce Business after Hours are open to all and are attended by hiring authorities and department heads – all worthy referrals.
  • Social Gatherings – It is tempting to avoid social gatherings because you fear the question “What are you doing?” You need to respond “I’m a free agent in the open job market and I’ve learned so much.” Then, give them your contact info to encourage referrals.
  • Community Events – There are many different free events. Go wherever there are crowds. You will inevitably run into people you know, which provides more networking opportunities for referrals.
  • Association Meetings – There is an association for every industry or career. Most associations will allow you to attend as a guest.
  • Trade Shows – Network with exhibitors as well as the attendees at these events. Have business cards made with your name and contact information on them. You just need your name, address, phone number and email address. They won’t forget you.


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Friends Account for Much of Your Success

While at a local coffee shop, I ran across an article by James Altucher, a well known blogger that has achieved a high level of success. Someone asked him, “What took you the longest in your life to understand?” His response was, “I don’t know if I understand anything in my life. Every day I learn something where I say to myself, “why didn’t I learn that before?”

After some thought, he said “it took me the longest to understand that our ability to survive, to be calm, to even be happy, to possibly be successful, stems entirely from the quality of the people you surround yourself with. Surround yourself with creative, smart, good, honest people and good things will happen.” 

After a few thoughtful moments I started considering my own “surroundings.” Looking from the outside in, I wondered what does my circle of friends say about me? What do they bring to the table and what do I bring to them? One of my biggest joys has been helping friends succeed.  Looking back at my life, I realize my greatest successes came with the addition of new friends! 

James mentioned numerous examples of famous people that became successful, both in their personal lives and in their careers, who owed much to the quality of people around them. Each of us picks and chooses who those people are within our circles.  Is your circle supportive? Do they challenge you? Are you listening?

He goes on to describe a venture where success eluded him and from that circle of friends there was no synergy – ever.  If your circle is not positively charged, it is time to change your environment.  When people with positive energy are around each other, more energy is created. If you’ve had one bad experience after another, it is time for self-examination.  Learn from it, get over it and move on.  

Inspirational people are rarely aware of their influence, but that’s what friends do for you.  Ideas are traded and nurtured through friendships. If this is missing in your life, improve upon your surroundings.

Cultivating new relationships outside your present circle means you must do something different. It’s not always easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.  The rewards have a life changing affect on your personal life,  your job, your career. Are you ready?

Though I have never meet James Altucher, I feel like I have a new friend. He has helped open my eyes.  

Where are all the Good Jobs?

Feeling frustrated in your job hunt? Can’t understand why other people always find the best jobs? What if I told you 60% of positions are filled before ever being posted to job boards? Let me explain.  

Jobs listed on job boards represent only a small number of total jobs being filled. So, where are the other jobs being listed? The answer – “They aren’t.” These are jobs filled through networking. Translation… referrals.

Studies show anywhere from 50-60% of jobs are filled before they make the job board. Instead, these positions are filled through referrals, not by applying. The good news, these are better jobs than what you find on job boards. Publicly listed jobs are filled by matching skills to a fully qualified applicant. No imagination. At best, a lateral move. Advancement is out of the question. However, referrals through networking are different.

In positions filled through referrals, it’s more about internal promotions, performance, and future potential. This hidden job market represents promotions and career advancement opportunities. Without the perfect skill-set and experience, your only chance to be evaluated in a favorable light is through a referral from a friend – a friend in your network.

I suggest employing a 40/60 job hunting strategy. The idea is to spend 40% browsing and responding to job board listings and 60% networking. Note, when responding to job listings, send your resumes through the “back door.” Meaning, send your resume in a hand written envelope to the department head needing the people.

Spend 60% networking. Through networking, you will more than double your opportunities. Volunteer at local charities, join service clubs, and attend local events. Let friends, relatives, and acquaintances know you are looking. Network, network, network.

While the job market is not as robust as it could be, it’s not as bad as reported. Looking for a job is a full-time job. So, go to work! Good luck with your job search!