It’s Not What You Know, but Who You Know

 It’s Not What You Know, but Who You Know 1“He only landed the job because he knew someone who knew the owner.”  While “who you know” gave him the upper-hand in getting an interview, he would not have been hired if he did not have the skills. While it is likely others had similar or even better skills, he got the job because he was referred by a trusted source.  Connections through networking are no accident.

Networking takes thought, planning, and diligence. For people to stick to a networking plan, it requires discipline. It is a long-term daily project.  However, you too can be awarded that lucrative position if you do your networking homework.

 While professional expertise matters, employed people you know matter as much because friends can fast-track you into interviewing for unadvertised opportunities. No competition!  Employers love hiring through trusted sources. These could be from their own employees, other business acquaintances, or personal friends.

From professionals to the construction workers, opportunities are available for networking.  You only have to find them, plan the work, and work the plan.  Your rewards can easily be doubled through networking. And if you look, you can find them.  Good Luck!

Friends Account for Much of Your Success

WhileFriends Account for Much of Your Success 2 at a local coffee shop, I ran across an article by James Altucher, a well-known blogger that has achieved a high level of success. Someone asked him, “What took you the longest in your life to understand?” His response was, “I don’t know if I understand anything in my life. Every day I learn something where I say to myself, “why didn’t I learn that before?”

After some thought, he said “it took me the longest to understand that our ability to survive, to be calm, to even be happy, to possibly be successful, stems entirely from the quality of the people you surround yourself with. Surround yourself with creative, smart, good, honest people and good things will happen.” 

After a few thoughtful moments, I started considering my own “surroundings.” Looking from the outside in, I wondered what does my circle of friends say about me? What do they bring to the table and what do I bring to them? One of my biggest joys has been helping friends succeed.  Looking back at my life, I realize my greatest successes came with the addition of new friends! 

James mentioned numerous examples of famous people that became successful, both in their personal lives and in their careers, who owed much to the quality of people around them. Each of us picks and chooses who those people are within our circles.  Is your circle supportive? Do they challenge you? Are you listening?

He went on to describe a venture where success eluded him and from that circle of friends, there was no synergy – ever.  If your circle is not positively charged, it is time to change your environment.  When people with positive energy are around each other, more energy is created. If you’ve had one bad experience after another, it is time for self-examination.  Learn from it, get over it and move on.  

Inspirational people are rarely aware of their influence, but that’s what friends do for you.  Ideas are traded and nurtured through friendships. If this is missing in your life, improve your surroundings.

Cultivating new relationships outside your present circle means you must do something different. It’s not always easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.  The rewards have a life-changing effect on your personal life,  your job, your career. Are you ready?

Though I have never met James Altucher, I feel like I have a new friend. He has helped open my eyes.  

What You Don’t Know About Interviews

With technology today, you may have been “interviewed” without even knowing it. There are several types of interviews with each method serving a different purpose.

Online Detective WorkWhat You Don’t Know About Interviews 3

Human resource receives an interesting resume.  One of the first “checks” or unofficial job interviews will likely be conducted over the internet.  Your name is Googled for news or social media persona to see what you say, do, think, and post.  Does it match their company philosophy and the resume in hand? You will likely never know they have done this online detective work.

Why Phone Interviews?

Phone interviews allow management to evaluate your phone manners, communication skills, and professionalism as they might relate to their job opening with no physical distractions like “body language.”  Body language and personal appearance are graded later during personal meetings.

Second or Third Interviews

Never assume the previous interviewer has shared any of your info with these new interviewers. They rarely do. Therefore, treat each interviewer as your first contact with that company.  Assume nothing of value has been shared.

Start Now to Enhance Your Image

Most job seekers only place importance on the in-person interview. Huge mistake. If necessary, get your online persona cleaned-up before starting your job hunt.  Additionally, even if using an employment agency, dress appropriately for the job. If you do not take this seriously, no one else will.

Bottom line, be prepared for every type of contact with little or no advance notice and never assume your information has been shared. Do this, and you will be way ahead of your job seeking competition.