Job Seekers – Stay Motivated, Set Goals

Having a difficult time staying motivated during your job search? Feeling a little lost? By working a routine, you will not only increase your motivation, but shorten your time between jobs.

While you can’t control the job market, you can control your day. Set minimum goals and think of yourself as self-employed. Now your job is task oriented in activities most likely to result in a job offer.

Over 60% of new jobs are filled without ever being posted. Meaning, you never had a chance. Why? Because the majority of all jobs openings, including the 60%, are filled through referrals. So, your time on the job boards should be no more than 30% of your total search effort. Instead, make a list of your employed friends and other influential people that you know from church, school functions, clubs, business associations, or other organizations. These people need to be employed or actually know people who know people. Educate this network on your skill set. Ask for referrals and recommendations. This is how most of the jobs are filled. Friends recommending friends.

Find a special friend, family member, or business acquaintance with a talent for making you. Arrange “business” meetings to help you keep on track. Follow these steps and you will continue to be motivated throughout your search.

It is also worth your time to view our live interactive online training webinars. In a short period of time, these videos will provide you with critical training that will give you an advantage over other job seekers. Locate these videos on our Career Portal:

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