How to Get Hired

Ever experience this before – You envision this to be the perfect job for you, but the employer does not think so?  The main reason a capable person like yourself is not hired is due to the lack of vision on the part of hiring recruiter. How do you counter that?

What do you do?  Plant your vision into their head!

Learn everything you can about that company from the internet. Try to find anyone that works there and quiz them on the company’s product, their job, and the culture of the company.  Now, imagine yourself in your new position. What do you look like?

Conduct this investigation prior to contacting any department head, supervisor, manager, or lastly HR.  Incorporate your vision when describing past jobs.  Paint a picture of how you used the very same skills they are requiring in your past jobs.

Use keywords – words the company is using to describe their next perfect employee.  Use keywords heard from one of their employees and their job posting.  Using these words to describe your skills and job responsibilities will not only get your info retrieved from their database of thousands but will help you sound like one of them!