Is Your Resume Battle Ready?

Your resume is either fighting for you, or sabotaging your job search. If you are submitting resumes and obtaining no results, you need to include with better ammunition in it. Start by getting feedback from family or friends. Give them a copy and ask:

1. Does my resume tell them the type of job I am applying for?
2. After reading, can they tell me how many years of related experience I have?
3. Does it spell-out my accomplishments pertinent to their opening?
4. After the company reads it, will they want to learn more about me?
5. How might they feel I could improve my resume?

While not employment experts, your family’s first impression can help. After reading your resume, will they be able to tell for what job you are applying? After naming the job, will they agree the resume addressing the jobs requirements?  Do they think it will “sell” you over your competitors? And Yes, this is a competition.

Your resume must entice the reader to want to schedule an interview to learn more about you. Does it? For more feedback and constructive criticisms, it is very helpful to have someone more experienced review your work who does not know you. 

Also, you can’t keep using the same version of your resume for every job. For certain jobs, you can make your resume stronger by tweaking your wording to address how your skills directly pertain to the job skills requirements they posted. Having a resume that results in interviews is an extremely important element to your job search!  Invest time in it. 

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